About Us

To realize a society in Yokohama that is gentle to the earth and tolerant of diversity through international exchange.

Since the port opening, with the influx of Western culture and at the same time Chinese and Korean people, Yokohama has developed culturally and economically and exotic townscapes such as Motomachi, Yamate and Chinatown were formed.
The fact of this international situation and relationship between nations is an unchangeable fact under any situation.
The "People" of Yokohama are unconditionally grateful for receiving the gifts of the port opening and enjoying the various benefits from these foreign cultures.
We at "Yokohama DMC", welcome people from all around the world to Yokohama with gratitude and respect.

Yokohama DMC has a large selection of local contents (food, experiences, parties, programs) that are not found anywhere in cooperation with all local organizations.
In addition, "one stop" services will be provided to expertly respond to the client's needs from the meeting planner, on-site director, AV, etc.
Whether you are looking for full assistance on a meeting planning package or if you only need partial assistance for specific requirements related to local arrangements for Yokohama, we will be your solution.
Our experts on each field will plan your meetings carefully with full attention to details based on experience built over the years to achieve your objective within the budget.
We will plan your meetings by listening to what you want.
Our goal is to always provide customer satisfaction based on the clients’ need to maximize profitability and minimize risks.
Our Team members are all dedicated to ensure the ultimate success of your MICE arrangement in Yokohama.