City Access

We meet the various transportation needs of corporate and private customers 356 days a year and mainly operate micro buses, small buses and midsize buses.

  • About CityAccess

    City Access headquarters are in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. You can depend on us for movement in the areas from Yokohama, the center of Kanagawa prefecture, to Tokyo. The members of the crew and our staff always believe in thinking about our customers first in their actions and propose vehicle types and routes after carefully considering the convenience and cost for customers with our crew members responding with flexibility at locations. We can respond flexibly to a wide range of MICE customer needs such as access from the airport of your arrival in Japan to the city, transportation and moving to meeting halls, hotels and sightseeing destinations before and after meetings and activities. Additionally, Wi-Fi can be used on all City Access buses.

  • Reliability

    At City Access, we have full time resident staff, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for operational management and customer support. We are equipped with mobile communications facilities and GPS management systems to quickly and appropriately comprehend traffic conditions in giving out instructions for operations. In addition, the accurate implementation and operation of preventative measures is ensured based on data accumulated over many years. Additionally, City Access since its establishment in 1923, has been developing harbor logistics, tourism, entertainment projects around the Yokohama Bay area as a member of the "Fujiki Group" based on the harbor cargo handling company "Fujiki Enterprise Co., Ltd.", and through the deep ties and collaboration of the Fujiki Group rooted in Minato Yokohama, has been offering fulfilling customers service to clients.

  • City Access Safety and Security Measures

    With the company services of the Fujiki group, you can also enjoy such activities as the sight seeing helicopter "Sky Cruise" that departs from near Kokusaikaigijo Pacifico Yokohama (Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama) and the amphibious bus "Skyduck" that travels around Yokohama City and the harbor.
    On September 16, 2015, City Access received the highest "3 Star" certification for Safety Evaluation Certification, however on December 20, 2017 the safety evaluation certification committee of the Japan Bus Association was held and continued to be 3 star certified (4 year renewal). We will continue to improve safety and security so as to not disgrace our 3 Star title.

Bus Lineup

We have a wealth of vehicle models in order to fulfill any request.

  • Small Type
    Capacity: 24 people

    360°move photo

  • Middle Type
    Capacity: 28 people

    360°move photo

  • Micro Type
    Capacity: 22+6 people

    360°move photo

  • Large Type
    Capacity 49+8 people

    360°move photo