Yokohama Sky Cruise’s helicopters fly around Yokohama Port cruising at a height of 450 ~ 600 meters.

  • About SKY CRUISE

    Yokohama Sky Cruise's helicopter sightseeing flights depart from "Minato Mirai Temporary Heliport" located near the Rinko Park, behind Kokusaikaigijo Pacifico Yokohama (Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama).
    The contrast of the sea and land of the night scenery of Yokohama viewed from the helicopter is impressive. The glittering lights of the sightseeing locations in the dark sea are quite fantastic. We are told by guests "This is even prettier than the night scenery of Tokyo!".
    Additionally, the night scenery dynamically changing from moment to moment during the flight is very appealing. You might even see World Heritage Mt. Fuji off in the distance on flights at dusk. It is the perfect content especially for incentive tours and VIP guests.
    *There is also "Mt. Fuji Cruising" that goes to the summit of Mt. Fuji and is limited to weekdays.

  • The Top Priority of Flights is “Safety”

    The helicopters of Yokohama Sky Cruise are equipped with 2 engines. If one engine should ever stall, the other engine would become active and is designed to allow the flight to continue. In addition, if we unluckily run into bad weather, the flight will be cancelled. Schedules may be altered but safety is the top priority.

Yokohama Sky Images

-Flight Plan: Basic-
【Flight Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays】

  • -JACK-

    Before Sunset 5 Minute Course (All seats reserved) A refreshing flight overlooking the cityscape of Yokohama and the Bay Bridge while still light before sunset. Flight for a maximum 5 people, all seats reserved. Fully before sunset ~ Duration: about 5 minutes
  • -QUEEN-

    Before and After Sunset 5 Minute Course (Shared flight) Twilight time flight at sunset. The various colors of the sky mix and blend during this time. The blue harbor town and the silhouette of Mt. Fuji on clear days is fantastic. Before and after sunset ~ Duration: about 5 minutes
  • -KING-

    After Sunset 5 Minute Course (Shared flight) Flight completely after sunset. You immediately see the night scenery of the harbor when you take off with continuing surprises and impressive moments. You can enjoy the contrast of the lights of the city and the sea that is unique to Yokohama. Completely after sunset ~ Duration: about 5 minutes
  • -GOLD-

    After Sunset 10 Minute Course (Shared flight) In response to customer requests to enjoy the night scenery below longer, there is our most popular Gold Course. The altitude of the flight is also high and the entire Tokyo Bay area can be seen when the weather is fine. We recommend this for guests celebrating their anniversary with an all reserved seats flight. Completely after sunset ~ Duration: about 10 minutes

    All Seats Reserved 20 Minute Special Course Completely all reserved special course. Flights to the north will be to Shibuya and to the south, Enoshima. The night sceneries of the city center and Yokohama can be viewed on night flights to the north. Up to 5 persons can board this flight. Any time period possible (During business hours) Duration ~ about 20 minutes

    Ultimate All Seats Reserved 30 Minute Special Course Longer time in the ultimate and most blissful space and to a farther distance. This 30 minute flight can fly around central Tokyo (within the Yamanote Line). There are many things to see day or night on this course. On night flights you can view the night scenery of the glowing lights of central Tokyo in contrast with the night scenery of the harbor city Yokohama. In the summer, you can see the fireworks of central Tokyo from the sky. This ultimate flight will be a blissful time that will last a lifetime. Any time period possible (Within business hours) Duration: about 30 minutes

【Precautions Before Making Reservations】
Flights may be unavoidably cancelled or altered because of weather conditions or for safety reasons. In these cases, basically we will reschedule flights to compensate.
※If you choose to cancel your flight, the following cancellation fees will apply.
- On the day of the flight: 100%
- One day before flight: 50%
- 2 days before flight: 10%




1-7 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
Temporary Heliport:
- Train
Get off at Minato Mirai Station, about a 15 minute walk from exit number 2
- Taxi
About 5 minutes from Sakuragicho Station, about 5 minutes from Yokohama Station East Exit (When there is no traffic congestion)