"Yuzu Suzushi" houseboats are rich in variety.
There are 4 ships in total, including "New Yokozuna Ship", "Sekiwaki Ship" which has been digging up, "Yao Ship" of chair and table type.
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  • Yakatabune (Houseboat) “Suzuyoshi”

    The Yakatabune has its original form from the Heian Period (794 AD: When the capital was in Nara, adjacent to Kyoto) and was used for amusement by aristocrats. Later, it flourished when the maintenance of rivers advanced in the Edo Period, and became a favorite for amusement, such as viewing cherry-blossoms, the moon, fireworks by Daimyo and wealthy merchants.  The Yakatabune has passed along the ancient culture of Japan. On board the boat there are Japanese style tatami rooms such as Haru no Sakura (Spring Cherry Blossoms), Aki no Momiji (Autumn Leaves), the Moon, the 4 Japanese Seasons and such where you can feel "Wabi Sabi (traditional Japanese aesthetics)" and you can enjoy a Japanese-style party while watching the representative scenery around Yokohama's port. Additionally, we can be flexible in accommodating your requests such as with our ship's original round-trip course and even with the placement of desks inside on the boat. The boat has facilities such as Karaoke and is fully equipped. The space on board is filled with the feeling of Japan and is can be used in a wide range of applications such as for ocean scenery viewing, meetings, after MICE (Meetings, Incentive Tours, Conferences & Exhibitions), and incentive tours.

  • Meal Plan

    The dishes you can eat on the boat are representative Japanese foods such as sashimi, tempura that is deep fried on board, simmered fish and fried chicken. We also serve salads and desserts. Additionally, if you consult with us before hand, we can accommodate preparing meat dishes, western foods and simple halal dishes.

There are 4 types of Yakatabune“Suzuyoshi” you can choose from!

  • Suzuyoshi No. 5
    Capacity: 70 people, zashiki (tatami room)

    360°move photo

  • Suzuyoshi No. 6
    Capacity: 60 people, zashiki (tatami room)(with sky deck)

    360°move photo

  • Suzuyoshi No. 7
    Capacity: 60 people, horigotatsu zashiki (open floor tatami room)

    360°move photo

  • Suzuyoshi No. 8
    Capacity 60 people, table and chair type

    360°move photo


Suzuyoshi House of Boat