Why Yokohama

Yokohama City boasts to the world of having the conditions that satisfies the conditions for a MICE City.

Pacifico Yokohama and Others, Yokohama is a world-class MICE center:
Yokohama City with Pacifico Yokohama that has the number 1 MICE capacity in Japan and is expanding its accommodation capacity for 2020 is one of the leading MICE cities in Asia by only having Pacifico Yokohama. In addition, in Yokohama there are facilities for sports and entertainment, such as Yokohama Stadium and Yokohama Arena that are within 30 minutes of travel time and are superior to other Asian cities for MICE.
Pacifico Yokohama is Japan's largest MICE facility and is capable of accommodating more than 70,000 people. As for past MICE conferences held in Pacifico Yokohama, there was the APEC economic conference in 2010 and the Asian Development Bank annual general meeting in 2017.
Additionally, Yokohama stadium has a capacity of more than 70,000 and was the venue for the FIFA World Cup Finals in 2002. It has also been elected as the venue for the 2019 Ruby World Cup and the venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Soccer matches.
Yokohama Arena with a capacity of 17,000 people is the largest indoor facility in the Kanto region was modeled after the Madison Square Garden in New York. As the largest indoor facility in Kanto, its capacity is compared with the Tokyo Dome, however, since it is optimal for attracting numbers of attendees for many concerts, it is also used for final performances of world tours included international artists and is used for the venue of various music concerts.

There are MICE compatible international hotel chains with much experience:
An essential requirement for international MICE is that accommodation facilities are adjacent to MICE facilities. In Yokohama City, hotels on an international level for accommodations can be secured that can compete with Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia. There are The Intercontinental Hotel Yokohama, Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu, Yokohama Royal Park Hotel adjacent to Minato Mirai, Yokohama Bay Sheraton & Towers located next to Yokohama Station, the historic Hotel New Grand, ancient traditional Japanese Inns and other accommodations to respond to various needs.

Providing abundant facilities that can accommodate various size MICE:
There are facilities that can accommodate from 100 to 10,000 people scattered throughout the vicinity of city hotels.
There are MICE facilities unique to Yokohama such as historic buildings from the time of the opening of Japan, shrines and temples, Japanese gardens and many Japanese style MICE facilities are here and additionally, the Yokohama Ramen Museum which can be said to be synonymous to modern Japan worldwide, the Cup Noodle Museum, luxury liners unique to a port city, the Osanbashi pier, passenger ship terminal, the colorful Red Brick Warehouse venue and is the largest, not only in Japan but also Asia. Furthermore, there are accommodations that can be secured near each of the facilities.

Yokohama is adjacent to Tokyo, the center of Japan, and is near the two major international airports, Narita and Haneda, which also has superior access from countries all over the world:
From Tokyo Haneda International Airport the gateway to the global city, Tokyo, it is possible to travel everywhere in the city within 30 minutes or less. Tokyo and Kyoto are directly connected by Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and popular for pre and post tours and day trips are available to the popular tour destinations, Shonan Kamakura, Hakone Izu and Tokyo. It possesses international history and culture and can offer various unique venues and activities. For this reason, organizers can offer participants a profound Japanese experience-based program.

Yokohama is a place where the cultures of Japan, the West and China blended together ever since the opening of the port and made history:
The current global MICE planner demanded an experience based program that was unlike any other and additionally achieve the original goals of MICE based on the themes such as [CSR], [Sustainability], and [Team Building]. Yokohama will provide Japan's experienced type MICE program to answer customer needs as Japan's foremost historical global city.

The costs will be less than being held in Tokyo and reduction in costs to the organizer can be realized.

Within Asia, Japan has a sound infrastructure, many historic sights and has an attractive culture. Moreover, Japan is in a position to be evaluated as a MICE country from having a prestigious food culture with representative Japanese food listed in World Heritage. However, because of high prices and delays of the major city of Tokyo to respond to MICE, Japan has not actually achieved results of MICE or earned any income. It is possible to realize the ideal MICE with Yokohama.