【OUR WORK - administrative service】

■Administrative service

Yokohama DMC was appointed to provide administrative service for Yokohama ”Nigiwai - making noise” Project for Rugby World Cup 2019, stimulating the environment economic growth and accelerate communication in regional towns in Yokohama. 

As Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau(YCVB) will coordinate shuttle transportation from stadium after matches to make spectators and visitors to enjoy different parts of Yokohama, we will conduct and plan events and other services. 

Our contribution and relationship to each shopping districts is highly evaluated.

Scrum TEGATA brings Yokohama together

【OUR WORK - promotion】

■ promoting inbound tourism

Yokohama DMC has been commissioned to promote inbound tourism in the sector of nightlife and morning time tourism activities in Kanagawa. This aims to increase their spend and stay, boosting economic growth across Kanagawa prefecture by promoting high-in-demand Morning & Night Time tourism for International visitors. We will conduct “Morning & Night Time” promotions through providing International visitors with the dedicated website, digital book and the printing media as well as Fam trips and seminars, sponsored by Railway companies. We will deliver that Kanagawa is the ultimate destination to visit before and after  Rugby World Cup 2019™ and Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

promoting nightlife and morning morning time tourism activities in Kanagawa

【OUR WORK - promoting regional business 】

■issuing voucher

Yokohama DMC planned and conducted “YOKOSUKA-TEGATA” project which issued on April 25, a gift voucher given out by local councils to help local businesses and boost the economy.

member stores display "YOKOSUKA-TEGATA" flags
Kozukenosuke Oguri, founder of modern Japan, is on the voucher

“YOKOSUKA-TEGATA” costs 3,000 yen, the set of three 1,000 yen voucher, is sold in 35 dining places and shops around City of Yokosuka. It gives buyers the opportunity to enjoy local food, fresh seafood, local sake, standing bar and shops sold Yokosuka varsity jackets and knives as well as sightseeing spots, Historic Memorial Warship, MIKASA and Nagai Seaside Park, Soleil Hill. “YOKOSUKA-TEGATA” is sold at specified convenience stores and visitor centres. It will be promoted to tour groups, international visitors for Rugby World Cup 2019™ and and Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, delegates for the convention and the meetings at PACIFICO Yokohama, visitors at Haneda Airport and hotels in Tokyo to bring visitors to Yokosuka.

【OUR WORK - developing digital content 】

■providing digital content

Yokohama DMC provide digital content for “Bars and Nightlife” section of “Yokohama Visitors’ Official Guide” website by Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau(YCVB)’. We collected digital images and information from each bars, pubs, restaurants, activities in Yokohama CBD area such as Noge, Yoshidamachi, Minatomirai, Kannnai, Yokohama Station West Ext and East Exit. All information we collected are provided to the website. 

Information of nightlife is very important for international visitors. especially Rugby World Cup 2019™ and The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a great opportunity for Yokohama to attract international visitors . 

Yokohama Visitors’ Official Guide

Bar & Pub section

【OUR WORK - administrative service】

■Administrative service

Yokohama DMC was commissioned to provide administrative service for Yokohama Symposium as a part of “Sustainable Brand (SB) 2019 Tokyo” on March 8, 2019.Sustainable Brands is the premier global community of brand innovators, trying to inspire, engage, and equip business leaders and practitioners for social and environmental challenge.

Next year Yokohama City will host SB 2020, 19-20 February, Japanese Community annual event.

Symposium on SB 2019

【OUR WORK - media coordination 】

■media coordination

Yokohama DMC coordinated for TV program coverage from BBC Wales on January 24, 2019. “BBC Sports preview” featured Gareth Thomas, Welsh former professional rugby footballer represented Wales in both rugby union and rugby league, and covered Nissan Stadium(International Stadium Yokohama), where Rugby World Cup 2019™ matches will be played, as part of the program.

【OUR WORK - media event 】 

■Media reception

Yokohama DMC organised the welcome reception for international media on the day of Canon Bledisloe Cup 2018 match, a rugby union competition between the national teams of Australias Wallabies and New Zealands All Blacks on October 27, 2018. Total 15 International media, hosted by Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO) and Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO), were invited to a music venue with webcasting facilities , Yoshidamachi Lily.

This unique venue were decorated with merchandising products of Rugby World Cup 2019™, showing the promotional movie of Kanagawa and Yokohama. Food menu were locally sourced such as Kanagawa-Dori(chicken), Matsuda trout, Kanagawa vegetables for a sustainable event. Rugby fans' favorite, Fuller's London Pride were served.




welcome reception at Yoshidamachi Lily
locally sourced food were prepared

【OUR WORK - Show Your Badge 】 

■Show Your Badge Offers

Yokohama DMC created “Show Your Delegate Badge” program for the delegates and all related parties to experience Yokohama with our unique dining offers for The 8th World Dental Show 2018 at Pacifico YOKOHAMA on the 5-7 October 2018.
This program provided convention delegates with discounts and special offers on 120 dining places throughout Noge, Yoshidamachi and Isezaki-cho area, downtown Yokohama, simply by showing their delegates badge.
We also advertised this program in the trade paper ”QUINT” and their dedicated website. English speaking concierges welcomed delegates with a paging board in those areas, A "Welcome" sign was displayed on the window of each dinning places. We provide the delegates a big welcome to Yokohama with open arms.
The program successfully completed with many visitors.