We are happy to Announce THE ”NOGE-TEGATA“ will be launched.

THE ”NOGE-TEGATA“ will be launched;

A drink and food ticket which connects Noge area and the business visitors or the Inbound Tourists to Yokohama/minato-mirai!

As a leading symbol of Yokohama, the Noge-area is a shopping street where you can experience the food and drinking culture of both the past and the present Japan. With its popularity that increased year by year, making many stores fully occupied every weekend, it became a shopping street loved by all.

However, as loved as it is, many people who do not know about Noge-area feel difficulty to find how to enjoy the Noge-area. Although Noge is a part of Yokohama that is known as a global port city, the fact that few foreigners visit there is remarkable. There is a demand for a place where the visitors of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA and other MICE facilities can visit after 21 o’clock when the reception has ended.

Facing this reality, we believe that the Noge-area will play a big and important part in supporting the upcoming international events connected to the years of 2019-2020 and also accepting the business visitors and inbound tourists to support Yokohama as a MICE city after 2021. To make it easier to visit the Noge-area, Yokohama DMC is happy to be managing the distribution of the “NOGE-TEGATA”. A food and drink ticket issued by the Noge Restaurant Association can be used in various restaurants and shops around the area. The “NOGE-TEGATA” will be a set of 2 tickets, each ticket has a value of 1500 yen. It will be available all year and will be valid for up to 6 months after issued. With each ticket you could choose one free drink or a NOGE-TEGATA special set menu. Since the poster, ticket and website will be published in English and special needs such as food restrictions like vegetarian or halal will be met by some restaurants, this will be a local project with an international concept while maintaining the Noge-area’s food culture.

Tickets will be sold at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA and other MICE facilities including “unique venue” around Yokohama. Also for the companies around Minato-Mirai area, they will be able to use the NOGE-TEGATA as a part of their employee benefits, for company get-togethers or as a gift to both Japanese and foreign visitors and much more.

The start date of the NOGE-TEGATA is set to be in the beginning of June 2018 and we will announce new information as they come in. Please look forward to this as another way of connecting Yokohama as one.